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Plectrum Accelerate

Plectrum Accelerate wanted to develop an iPhone application that would make it easier for millennials to save and invest money. We were brought in during the ideation phase of the company and tasked with designing the UX/UI, architecting the complete technology stack, developing the application and integrating with TD Ameritrade Institutional..

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AllOneWealth is a socially conscious and impact driven wealth advisory firm. They help clients invest in socially responsible companies and have quickly quickly grown over the past few years. Our team helped AOW design and build a functional prototype for a robo-advisor that helped automate client on-boarding, portfolio selection, and account management.

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Lilspace is an Android and iOS app built using React Native. It’s a community that helps users track time away from their phone and use that time to earn rewards. Mobappsinc was brought on-board to help resolve technical issues that had been causing usability problems. Furthermore, our team helped add additional functionality to improve engagement and analytics.

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Trash Toss AR to showcase our capabilities in developing augmented reality apps. Apple’s release of ARKit marks an important milestone in mobile app experiences. It allows users to place objects in their own environment and experience games, demos, and other experiences customized to their world. We decided to spend time learning how the new technology works, how it can be gamified, and how users would enjoy playing an augmented reality game on mobile.

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AutoTrade is the sister company of one of the largest credit agencies in Panama. They handle financial transactions in the automotive industry and more. Before AutoTrade, buying and selling vehicles in Panama took days. Our team helped create a fully integrated system that automated the customer intake, vehicle trade-in, purchase, and auction processes. Mobappsinc reduced transaction time from days to as low as 15 minutes.

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We were approached by the founders of Tattoo Planet to create a network for tattoo enthusiasts and artists to share their work. It allows tattoo artists to show off their craftsmanship while giving enthusiasts a window shopping opportunity for potential tattoo artists. We helped them define and build an iPhone app that brought their vision to life.

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We were introduced to the Holy Tomatoes founder at a very critical stage in his startup career. He had spent a lot of money and time working with a development company that delivered a non-functional product. We helped him quickly define a road to recovery and hit the ground running. Our team helped him build a native iOS app from scratch and worked to salvage the backend his previous development company had built.

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APRL is a Los Angeles based clothing rental company. They wanted a prototype for their iPhone app concept. We worked with the founders during a short rapid prototyping workshop to give their concept a life.

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Our client, APPIGNITER, wanted to design and develop an Android app store that would tailor recommendations for users. Mobappsinc was asked to help design the user experience, user interface, architect the system, and develop the native Android app itself.

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The founder of Dog Date Afternoon came to us after discovering a unique way of helping dog lovers find dates. It brought people together with strong mutual interests and a bit of puppy love. This community promotes a greater level of trust between users. We helped take the idea from concept to fully functional iOS app.

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we build a mobile app for the education market. We decided to look at tutors that teach middle school and high school students. After two weeks of brainstorming, we revealed Wizrd as a concept for an internal project. We wanted to create a user interface and experience that would make finding and booking tutors easy. No one had done it right, so we decided it was time someone did.

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Switch Poker

Play the traditional card game, Poker in a completely new exciting way on your mobile app. Compete with your friends in different timed rounds.

You can play the game with random players and your friends. Moreover, it also shows a global leaderboard as well as your ranking amongst your friends.

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Blue Collar

Apply for loan easily via Blue Collar Capital and keep a track of your application status via the user-friendly app available on Google Play Store and App Store.

It allows you to submit a loan request and keep a track of the equated monthly installments.

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Hockey Now

Ice Hockey is an Android and iOS mobile application that allows users to sign up for matches on different venues with their teams.

The mobile app allows users to view their opponents team as well. Ice Hockey allows users to schedule their matches as well.

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Pearls 4 Peers

Pearl 4 Peers is a healthcare application that provides solutions for everyday problems faced by medical students and practitioners.

The app has medical blogs and answers related to academic queries and professional practice.

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02 Review

Stacey Adams

1. I got the Mob Apps INC to work on the idea that every other company termed as bizarre and impossible to see the daylight, expecting to hear “no” in a different way. But their “We got you!” and staying put throughout the journey of my mobile application development put me in awe and admiration of their work.

Abraham Steve

2. Previously I was working with a different agency, and the experience of getting my eCommerce website on a mobile application was nothing less than an absolute disaster. I am happy that I decided to change the agency, and since then, the work with Mob Apps INC has my heart. Their professionalism is what is the best part about them, obviously with their work.

Victor Lincoln

3. To be honest, I am a pretty hard person to deal with; my wife can back me up on this. I lost the count over how many times I changed the idea of what features my app will have but guess who didn’t get upset with it? Definitely not my wife but Mob Apps INC. Hope she takes some notes to make this old man happy from them.

Eve John

4. I may have considered my project as a simple task for such a big company and thought they would not take it to work on a previously designed website, yet they not just took the work but also took the ownership of my project to deliver a user-centric website. Highly recommended!

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