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The field of health care and medicine comes across various questions, all of which are equally important for the society. Pearl 4 Peers, a health care mobile application for iOS and Android platforms was based on the idea to facilitate health practitioners and students during their academics and professional life.

The idea was to post health care related queries on the application along with answers to help the concerned individuals during their everyday practice. The application would comprise answers for queries and blogs/articles to help people have a better understanding of the problem.


The health care sector has been constantly innovating and finding remedies/answers to problems for a healthier environment. The mobile application idea was conceived to facilitate health care professionals and students by providing them answers about different health related research and queries via an application.

Most of the times, health care professionals and students come across different queries and problems to which they cannot find an answer to or require assistance. Pearl 4 Peers was meant to help the related professionals and students to have answers on run-time via the application.


The concept behind Pearl 4 Peers was based on the objective to provide people an application that would provide run-time answers to medical queries and problems. The client reached out to Mob Apps INC, a leading app development company based in New York.

The project was taken on board and the project timeline was shared via a technical proposal. The proposal comprised all the deadlines and the milestones for the app development and deployment process.

The proposal had all the features necessary for an optimum application flow that would serve the purpose of the mobile app.

Wireframing and UI design

Beautiful UI With Gorgeously Crafted Functionalities

Our UI/UX team made sure that the UI of the application is absolutely beautiful so that not only does the user enjoy using the application.

App Development Process

After the project came on board, Mob Apps INC’s team with their app development strategist pondered over the app flow after which they mockups were provided to the client.

Following the approval of the mockups, the project was taken over by the design team that provided the designs of the application from the splash screen to every possible feature the app would have.

Consequently, the designs were deemed impressive by the client and Pearl 4 Peers mobile app was moved into the development phase.

The development team had already determined the most suitable platform for the mobile application. They knew the application’s primary objective was to provide informative details to health care professionals, so they opted for the platform that would complement the functionality.

Some of the important features the application has are:

  • Post health related problems
  • Post informative pieces/answers
  • Registration of members on the app

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The mobile app development process had been completed and Pearl 4 Peers was deployed on the respective app stores. The app was received with positive reviews from the users. It provided the people the answers to the simplest and the most complex queries arising in the field of health care sector.

The application in a very short span of time achieved:

  • 5% increase in ROI
  • 15% increase in monthly downloads
  • 10% increase in its market share on a YoY basis

The application is exemplified as a critical innovation—one that has capitalized the mobile app platform to help people with health care queries.

Core Features

Pearl 4 Peers is an informative mobile application, which helps users to find answers to different health care related queries. The application will help physicians and students in an institute to find answers during their time on duty.

The application allows the admin to post health related problems and their answers for users to view. It also allows the users to post their queries and answers if the admin provides them with the rights to do so.

The success of Pearl 4 Peers reflects Mob Apps INC’s commitment to create exceptional mobile friendly applications for businesses.

Marketing Strategy

After the application was launched, Mob Apps INC’s marketing team presented a cohesive marketing plan that comprised app store optimization, social media management and search engine optimization.

Our team conducted sentiment analysis for the application to get the app listed on top rankings on each of the platforms.

The social media strategy was implemented on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to attract users and create brand awareness. Mob Apps INC’s team also worked on the search engine optimization to increase the app downloads and establish the mobile application’s profile on each of the platforms. We published press releases, blogs and articles to improve the overall ranking of Pearl 4 Peers.

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