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we deliver successful products by doing three things: being accountable for our projects, making our methods transparent, and building strong relationships with our clients.

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CustomaryProject Management

Throughout the years of working in the industry, we have established the fact that the only best way to get the work done in the industry of mobile app development is to stick with the old-school style of project management as the way it is enfolded into a process is what suits clients and us at once. From the initiation of the project, leading to in-depth planning, paving the way to execution, and then monitoring the result with finalizing it over honest closure, the sequential cycle of project delivery is still suiting us in all its glory.

However, we are not saying that this practice is a line in stone for us, and we won’t work on any other process because we are in total awareness that each client and the project they bring is unique and so should be the way it is dealt with. Therefore, we customize our process as per the need required for app or software development.

Most projects that land up on the desk of Mob Apps INC compliments and ask for traditional project management methods, and so we provide.

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AgileProject Management

Considering the need for customization and to keep up with the need of flexibility required on a project, we switch to the methods which incorporate an iterative process of dividing the project into multiple sprints of short spans. In such a model of project management, after putting a considerable effort in the planning phase, we quickly jump to the phase of getting the work done as the changes can be incorporated with ease as per the specifications given once the project is set into work.

This method extensively aids the client in user engagement. Why? Because if the requirement is kept static, the engagement has a chance to drop down; therefore, we keep up with the need of time and offer this mode of project management to keep the evolutionary changes going on.

Primarily, the clients that opt for this method relate to the industry of software, construction, education, or event marketing. If you are one such, hit us up to discuss the potential advent of this method.

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Why do most clients opt for Traditional Project Management?



App Blueprint

The element, which makes it the most opted choice, is the mockup of app wireframe given for the client's approval at the start of the project. The phase continues until all the details relevant to the project are decided with a promised timeline of delivery.




The decisions relative to the design of the app and its flow are discussed after the consideration of various samples in this phase, which ends with the finalization of it to entail a grade A user experience.




The finalization of the strategy sprints the developers into action for starting the development of the mobile app by employing all the learned practices and keeping the specification of the client in utmost consideration.



App Testing

The development phase ends once the app lands on the radar of quality inspection, wherein it is tested for all the possible bugs or errors that may hinder the success of the mobile application by weighing down the user experience.




The green flag from the QA team is celebrated with the launching of mobile applications on relative app stores with keeping the guidelines and requirements of each app store in line.

What do we offer?

Economical Cost

We are empowered by the streamlining of the processes employed in app-building to offer our services at prices that don’t cost you an organ.

Code Refactoring

Our coders write the codes for your app in an educated manner which makes understanding, maintenance, and modification of the code a task of no rocket science.

Prompt Delivery

We stay put to the timeline promised to you at the start of the project to make your experience of mobile app development with us nothing less than convenient.

Runtime Testing

Our novel solutions for validating the adaption of your system empower you and your app to operate with no errors causing hindrances in the execution.

Mob Apps INC has outgrown its own tank of expectations at a bolting speed

For days and nights since the day of inception, Mobile Application Agency has been working with a sheer focus to propose mobile app development solutions for every client regardless of the size of their business or the velocity of the idea they had. This is how and why we have managed to get onboard clients from every walk of life, from entrepreneurs to full-fledged businesses. The stream of the clients is not halting any soon for getting new solutions for their mobile app development dilemmas.

angularjs vs react js

What enables us to do so?

To keep the element of innovation ongoing, we keep tabs and set our eyes on multiple places with one target to attain, which is, delivering solutions that stand different from all those around. How?



We do not jump into action straight away; instead, we take our time to understand your requirement because no matter how good we present you, it will never do any good if it doesn’t offer what you require.



While we analyze your idea while building the understanding, we realistically draw data over the technical limitations and concerns revolving around the budget to offer a solution beneficial for all investors.



We leave no stones unturned when it comes to employing strategies, technology, expertise, and efforts in the phase of action, i.e., development to offer soundness in the execution of your mobile application.



Following the end product, we toil our efforts to sprint into effective action of setting up the mobile app onto web and app stores. Once we execute the launch, we keep tabs on monitoring the performance to ensure your satisfaction.

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Standing differentiated from the saturating herd of Mobile App Development Agencies!

Every project we have taken on has been closest to our heart, and today as you read, it is now standing closer to hitting the title of Popular Apps at all available App stores. Why? Due to the sound app development services offered by Mob Apps INC to make their app dream come into a revenue bustling reality. You may not take our word for it, which is why we provide you with the words of those whose wishes we have fulfilled.

Getting ranked as a Top App Development Companies on Review website is no new news to us, but for you, it may be!

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Our Accolades

Our accolades speak for themself on various platforms

02 Review
02 Review

Stacey Adams

1. I got the Mob Apps INC to work on the idea that every other company termed as bizarre and impossible to see the daylight, expecting to hear “no” in a different way. But their “We got you!” and staying put throughout the journey of my mobile application development put me in awe and admiration of their work.

Abraham Steve

2. Previously I was working with a different agency, and the experience of getting my eCommerce website on a mobile application was nothing less than an absolute disaster. I am happy that I decided to change the agency, and since then, the work with Mob Apps INC has my heart. Their professionalism is what is the best part about them, obviously with their work.

Victor Lincoln

3. To be honest, I am a pretty hard person to deal with; my wife can back me up on this. I lost the count over how many times I changed the idea of what features my app will have but guess who didn’t get upset with it? Definitely not my wife but Mob Apps INC. Hope she takes some notes to make this old man happy from them.

Eve John

4. I may have considered my project as a simple task for such a big company and thought they would not take it to work on a previously designed website, yet they not just took the work but also took the ownership of my project to deliver a user-centric website. Highly recommended!

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