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The mobile gaming market is expected to be at an estimated worth of $68.5 billion at the end of 2019. The gaming app industry experiences an overwhelming 20% year-over-year (YoY) growth. With more than 33% of all app downloads account for mobile games, it is likely that majority of investment will be concentrated in this area.
With time, entrepreneurs sought ways to turn the most popular conventional games into mobile gaming applications. As a result, traditional card games began to feature on mobile apps and quickly rose in popularity. Amidst the competition in the market, Kyptocorp came up with an idea to reinvent the card game, Poker for a mobile application.


The conversion of traditional card games to mobile applications soon started to lose its excitement due to lack of innovation in the market. Most of the new games developed were not up to par, which saturated the market growth and restricted the consumer choice.
It was during this time when Kyptocorp pondered over various gameplays to come up with something different other than the standard rules of Poker and deliver a much exciting experience to users.
The name Switch Poker and its gameplay was eventually finalized. However, finalization of the game flow was not enough. The design pattern and the functionality had to be sublime to appease the market with the new gameplay that had been planned for Switch Poker. Kytpocorp was in search of an app development company that would easily understand the idea and create a design and app flow that would uplift the gaming experience.


Kyptocorp reached out to Mob Apps INC, a mobile app development company based in New York. The company took the responsibility of the project and ensured that Switch Poker would soon go mobile!
Mob Apps INC’s team did thorough research to determine the optimum app flow and design that would justify the innovative idea of reinventing the Poker game. The company took Switch Poker project on board and decided to proceed with the development of a cross platform mobile application.
The app development plan comprised of all the necessary features and designs that would make the game destined for success in the gaming market.

Wireframing and UI design

Beautiful UI With Gorgeously Crafted Functionalities

Our UI/UX team made sure that the UI of the application is absolutely beautiful so that not only does the user enjoy using the application.

App Development Process

The first motion on the table was to brainstorm and formulate an application flow that would be user-friendly for all the gamers across the world.
We shared mock-up designs with the clients and waited for the approval. The design phase comprised several variations of the application flow, out of which the most suitable version was approved.
Mob Apps INC initiated the application development for iOS and Android platform with thorough testing and quality assessment. The application builds for iOS and Android were shared with the Switch Poker team at every turn to keep them in confidence about the app development process.
The Switch Poker application was deployed and delivered to the company, along with the source code, which became the property of Kyptocorp.
The game was cited as highly addictive by the users who lauded the new style given to the conventional Poker game in the application.
Some of the most important features provided by Mob Apps INC were:

  • Timed Rounds
  • Public Game
  • Private Game
  • Chat
  • In App Point Purchases
  • Player Profiles
  • Global Player Rankings
  • Ad Mob

The success of Switch Poker reflects how Mob Apps INC’s team are constantly delivering projects that would help entrepreneurs seize the market opportunity at the right time.

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Following the deployment of Switch Poker, Kyptocorp experienced an overwhelming response from users on AppStore and Play Store. The game was appreciated by the users who shared positive reviews on all the gaming platforms.
In a short span of time, Switch Poker has experienced an surge in

  • 20% increase in ROI
  • 45% monthly increase downloads
  • 10% quarterly increase in gaming market share

The gaming world has cited Switch Poker as one of the best card games on mobile application. The game has provided a very different experience to users who can now play the Switch Poker with anyone from anywhere instead of playing the hours long conventional poker game.

Core Features

As many businesses have developed card game mobile applications with the same conventional rules, it became imperative for Mob Apps INC to deliver a feature in the gameplay that would make Switch Poker standout in the market.
The company integrated ‘Timed Rounds’ in the gameplay that allure users to create 12 sets before the time ends and submit them to see the number of hands they have won against the opponent.
Some of the feature the Timed Rounds include:

  • Create 12 hands
  • All hands are submitted at once
  • Users can create all 12 hands at once

Switch Poker’s success reflects the commitment and dedication of Mobile Application Agency’s app development strategist towards a project.

Marketing Strategy

Following the launch of Switch Poker, Mob Apps INC prepared a comprehensive marketing plan for the app. The application was published and launched on App Store for iPhone users and on Play Store for Android users.
The company’s marketing team conducted thorough sentiment analysis on App Stores and Play Store for App Store Optimization.
Mob Apps INC devised a digital content strategy for Switch Poker mobile application on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Apart from paid campaigns on different platforms, a Search Engine Optimization strategy is also in the pipeline. Blogs, press releases, and articles were uploaded that increased the overall ranking of Switch Poker mobile application on the web.

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