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AllOneWealth is a socially conscious and impact driven wealth advisory firm. They help clients invest in socially responsible companies and have quickly quickly grown over the past few years. Our team helped AOW design and build a functional prototype for a robo-advisor that helped automate client on-boarding, portfolio selection, and account management.

On-boarding Made Easy

Signing up new clients is always a tedious process for RIAs. It requires filling out multiple forms on which information is repeated. Advisors end up spending a large amount of time helping clients with paper work. We helped AOW create robo-advisor that automated filling out forms and signing documents electronically so that clients could register by themselves.

Intelligent Recommendations The Right Portfolio

We helped AOW engineer a sign up process that asks new clients about their risk profile. Using their answers AOW is able to recommend an investment strategy that best suits their profile. Automating recommendations helps AOW scale their business by focusing less on administrative tasks and focus more on managing funds.

Angular 7 and Node.js Technology.

AllOneWealth is a web app hosted on Google Cloud Platform's AppEngine. We used open source Angular modules to create the UX.


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