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AutoTrade is the sister company of one of the largest credit agencies in Panama. They handle financial transactions in the automotive industry and more. Before AutoTrade, buying and selling vehicles in Panama took days. Our team helped create a fully integrated system that automated the customer intake, vehicle trade-in, purchase, and auction processes. InfiniOne reduced transaction time from days to as low as 15 minutes.

Quick Processing - Auto Generated Trade-In Offers.

Trade-in vehicles don’t have standardized pricing in Panama. Our work with AutoTrade has streamlined the evaluation process and established fair market prices across all vehicle types. All the salesman has to do is answer a few questions about the condition of the vehicle and take pictures - that’s it. The app automatically processes all of the input and sends the buyer a trade-in offer via email. Streamlined, transparent, and promoting free market economics.

Improved Process - End-to-End Auction.

Once the buyer accepts the trade-in offer, the vehicle automatically enters an auction accessible only by dealers in Panama; a private portion of the app is dedicated to dealer-only bidding. They are notified via push notifications important auction information, such as auction timing, being outbid, and auction results. This implementation has dramatically reduced the transactional costs for auto trading.

iOS and Node.js- Technology.

AutoTrade is a native iOS app supported by a backend built on Node.js, hosted on AWS. We used Firebase to handle realtime communication and push notifications. Our team used a local Panamanian payment gateway to process credit card transactions.


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