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Designed to make financial services less daunting.

Plectrum Accelerate wanted to develop an iPhone application that would make it easier for millennials to save and invest money. We were brought in during the ideation phase of the company and tasked with designing the UX/UI, architecting the complete technology stack, developing the application and integrating with TD Ameritrade Institutional.

Account Setup

Building trust with users was very important - the iPhone app was going to manage their finances and interact with their bank accounts. We started by creating a dark blue color scheme and testing it with focus groups to make sure it resonated well with the core user base. Next, our team focused on designing modules that would allow users to visualize their savings while signing up - this helped raise confidence in the iOS app. Then we spent countless hours finding the most concise way to present information and disclaimers during the on-boarding process to make sure we never burdened the user with confusing instructions. Every step explained why the app needed the information and how it would be used.

Keep growing your investment fund.

Right after signing in, the user was shown their portfolio value and a simple graph that helped visualize the portfolio's growth over the past six months. Furthermore, the iPhone app displayed how many months in a row the user added to the portfolio. This was designed to encourage users to keep investing.

While navigating the interface, users are able to learn more about their portfolio type and the percentage split for each index fund in their portfolio. It was important to make it easy for users to add money, see their deposit history, change their deposit frequency, and withdraw money from the app whenever they wanted. We did this by creating a specific screen on the app that provided the user with a dashboard to perform these functions. Providing easy access to users' money allowed them to always be in control of their finances.

Beautiful UI With Gorgeously Crafted Functionalities

Like any mission critical system, Plectrum Accelerate needed to be secure because it handled people's financial information. Therefore, we used TD Ameritrade to custody assets, store sensitive data like bank account and social security numbers. Furthermore, all data stored on Plectrum Accelerate's servers was encrypted using 256-bit AES. Any communication between the iPhone app, the Plectrum Accelerate server, and TD Ameritrade was done over a secured SSL connection which had a Grade A rating.


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