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Idea to MVP - Creating a Network of Artists.

We were approached by the founders of Tattoo Planet to create a network for tattoo enthusiasts and artists to share their work. It allows tattoo artists to show off their craftsmanship while giving enthusiasts a window shopping opportunity for potential tattoo artists. We helped them define and build an iPhone app that brought their vision to life.

Discovery - Finding the Right Artist.

It was important to create an app that helped tattoo enthusiasts find great artists organically. We did this by creating a social network dynamic around the uploaded content. Users follow tattoo shops and independent tattoo artists but not vice versa. Building the app this way helped create a dynamic where tattoo artists are uploading original art uninfluenced by other trends.

Customer Acquisition - Designed for the Artist.

The Tattoo Planet app solved a customer acquisition problem for the industry: traditional marketing is ineffective. A nominal monthly fee gives shops/artists access to a powerful marketing and customer management tool that reduces administrative overhead and refocuses their energies into art.

Laravel and iOS - Technology.

Tattoo Planet is a native iOS app with a backend built using Laravel hosted on AWS. We used Stripe’s API for payment processing and created the scheduling engine from the ground up. We used Bootstrap to build an admin panel that allowed employees at Tattoo Planet to manage posts, adverting, and users.


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